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Oral Memories

Over the course of 2021, 12 local residents and activists volunteered to be filmed over an interview that asked to resurface old memories of Eastex Jensen to get a record of the current heartbeat of the neighborhood. By framing the past, the 12 local residents provided us with an intimate window into their lives and how they experience community in Eastex Jensen.

Collectively, their stories become a record of how their ideas and experiences of community within Eastex Jensen have shaped their personal and professional paths, and ultimately shed light on their undeniable love and affection for the community. Their stories urge us to remain local and to construct our own versions of community. Most of them are incidentally already working in local non-profits, civic associations, or local businesses under the heartfelt belief that change must start now. And more importantly, they suggest that change must begin from within the neighborhood.

If you have more memories to share, please write them in our forum! or send us a message through the chat box here.

Eastex Jensen Virtual Art Gallery
Student Artwork

Welcome to the Eastex Jensen Virtual Art Gallery that showcases the wonderful imagination and creativity of local students. By looking through the gallery, you'll see their vision for the community.

Juanita Mendoza_Granada Theater
Rihanna L Bando_Granada Theater
Jochelyn Morales_Granada Theater
Jakelin Cruz_Jensen Bazaar
Jakelin Cruz_Granada Theater
Jakelin Cruz_House of Brown
Gracie Gasper_Granada Theater
Jakelin Cruz_Family Dollar
Clarissa Avanni Tureios Pate_Transit Center
Clarissa Avanni Tureios Pate_Granada Theater
Clarissa Avanni Tureios Pate_House of Brown
Ayden M Vides_Foodland
Bessy Vides_Granada Theater
Adrian Boniela_Granada Theater
Angelina Vides_Granada Theater
Ziva Lara_cropped
Zian Cantera_cropped
Victoria Paras_cropped
Yahaira Orozco_cropped
Promise Aryanna_cropped
Perla Guevara_cropped
Olivia Flores_cropped
Mia Chapa_cropped
Lorenzo Requera_cropped
Melanie Avila_cropped
Kylee Diaz_cropped
Khloe Diaz_cropped
Jaylene Ortez_cropped
Elwin Palafox_cropped
Angel Palafox_cropped
Aryanna Hernadez_cropped
Analiyah Sanchez_cropped
Cynthia Dionicio_cropped
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